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An AI Typed This

A new website has just launched a new chat service that is an AI bot just last week. Apparently, this AI can do homework for students and also make lesson plans for teachers. This has greatly impacted the teaching system that we know, and many teachers are very worried about how the students will write their essays, if this AI even works at all. It has also been said that site is undetectable by both Google Classroom and, though these things have been caught onto by teachers and administrators themselves. Now, we can hear about it from some of the best English teachers' opinions on the matter.

Mrs. Valenzuela: “When I went home y’know I just felt defeated. I just felt like no matter what I do in my job right, it wouldn’t matter because the kids who wanted to cheat would just do it, and you come up with ways to make students a better reader or a better writer. Then a software like this to just come up, that basically does it for them is like, “Why do I even have a job”. It’s honestly like how far will this go before it stops. So we were all feeling very deflated by this situation”.

Ms. Colln: “I just think about what this means for the world”.

As you can see from two teachers, lots of educators feel very upset by this matter. Seeing as they work hard to make the lesson plans and work trying to get their students engaged in wanting to learn more. Additionally, through the interview with the teacher, a topic very different came up and made more perfect sense than anything else.

Ms. Colln: “It might push for the changes in education that we often long for. For education to not be so grade based, not so focused on the task, but more focused on creating human beings who are passionate about certain things”.

It’s very understandable that the teachers would feel a way about an AI just coming in and trying to take things over. Especially when it’s finals season for many people which can be very disappointing due to many wanting to see their students shine in their essays . This AI has come in and changed the game completely. Another thing one of the teachers said that stuck was that “The students cheated the system.” (Mrs. Ugale) . Now just what system might this be that teachers are referring to be you may ask? It would be the system created to make students focus on the grades.

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