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Adele's Exciting New Album, 30

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Adele is an English singer and songwriter born in Tottenham, London. She has broken so many records and became one of the world's best selling music artists. She’s had very successful albums in the past such as “21”, “25”, and now her newest album, “30”. The album “30” is so beautiful, you’d definitely feel a connection with every line and word spoken. In recent interviews, Adele herself talks about her separation and what she had gone through. She claimed that her album is about divorce, but there’s so much more to the album than just that. Her album is about overcoming separation and learning how to love oneself. Most of her songs are upbeat but have a deep meaning to them. All of her songs are very emotional and are definitely something everyone can enjoy. Adele’s new album includes 12 songs that accumulate to 58 mins and 18 seconds total.
I felt that her album was a distinct way to express the five stages of grief of losing someone that was a part of your life for so long. Her single, “ Easy on me” was released before the album dropped on November 19 which became an instant hit; her official video racked up about 164 million views in a month. Each of her songs have a story behind it, for example, “My Little Love” was the third track on Adele’s album. It was such an emotional song when we hear Adele describe the divorce she went through to her son. As you listen to the song, you can hear Adele break a barrier and show us how vulnerable she can be. This album has a jazzy and soulful feel to it which is a very common style in her work. Adele made sure that Spotify did not include a shuffle button for this specific album, the reason being that she didn’t want it to disrupt the musical narrative. Each song is in a certain order to be able to portray her story which is just brilliant. Adele came back stronger than ever after four years with her new album. This album deserves a 5/5 because of the story behind the music, the emotion, and the amount of details put into the songs. The music itself was beautiful, well written with amazing beats and jazzy tones which really took Adele's album to the next level.
Rating: 5/5

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