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A Visit to Guatemala: For the First Time

This year, I had the opportunity to visit Guatemala for the first time. This article will be focused on the rural side of the beautiful country. Regardless of being solely in the rural area rather than the urban areas, the experience was a fun one. I was still able to explore and learn so much more about being Guatemalan. 

There were so many surreal experiences mostly because the majority of the activities and places are unlike the activities or places that can be found here in the United States. For instance, while I was there I was able to see the “Volcan de Fuego" (Volcano of Fire). As well as the just beautiful scenery that is all around the small pueblos. 

Something else that was around the pueblos was the way kids and adults are super hard working there. Not saying they aren’t here but it's so different, like some places still lack running water so they deal with all that. Also the fact that 14 to 15 year olds can drive well, whether its standard, automatic or on a motorcycle. And it's not even that nice of streets like gravel, don’t have lights or lanes. This was mostly in the pueblos and aldeas and not so much in the capital. 

Regardless of where you are in Guatemala, there are fun things to do and the people there are for the most part nice. And something to keep a look out for is how many people have animals just roaming around their homes, like chickens, dogs, even iguanas. Besides just making sure to keep your eyes peeled for anything interesting. I would also definitely recommend visiting especially if you are able to go to local food spots, attractions, and the very unique snacks. 

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