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A Review on the Purple Kiss Comeback

On February 15 Purple Kiss came back with their 5th EP, Cabin Fever. This was the group’s first release since their oldest member, Park Jieun, left the group on November 18, 2022. Jieun left due to health issues which some fans were bothered with, as they believed RBW (the group’s company) should have let her take a break instead of just leaving the group. But as most kpop fans know, companies are not always the best decision makers.

The EP includes 5 full length songs and an intro track which are: 1. Intro: Save Me, 2. Sweet Juice, 3. T4ke, 4. Autopilot, 5. Agit, 6. So far So Good. At first, my favorite song was Autopilot and even after listening to it further I still feel that way. Still, the entire EP is good and I will continue to listen to it in full. Overall, the EP gave me a sort of mellow and mysterious vibe, and felt like it was full of good songs to listen to in the rain.

Their 5th EP has come just a month away from their 2 year anniversary. The group has yet to release a full length album which fans are mad about because their music and EP’s are amazing and they want more. The group has also yet to release a lightstick, but that’s the company’s fault. Hopefully some time in the future, RBW will be able to give fans more of the things they want, as well as this release earning Purple Kiss awards.

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