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A Night to Remember

Prom: a time where everyone can get dressed up to show others their creativity and fashion sense in the making. Many people go to enjoy a good time with friends or just to have the official “last dance” type of experience, which many want to have as an official gateway to saying goodbye to their high school life. Some choose to go with friends or a special someone who is dear to their heart, which makes the occasion all the more special for them. Although there are others you may not hear about as often you go for the lights, the music, the food. They seem like casual party goers however, they’re just there for a good time. The theme this year was “A Night to Remember” and that definitely was fulfilled as the dancing and the fun was all memorable because of how calming the atmosphere was, in the instance that everyone was just having a good time and making memories of course.

The dance was at the Fullerton Executive Hanger, so there was a lot of room for everyone to dance and mingle around with people. Though it wasn’t as full as expected (mostly seniors attended with a sprinkle of juniors here and there), the night was magical. One of the many good things about this place is that there was unlimited food and drink for the people who came so after you got tired of dancing you could sit down and have a nice refreshing cup of lemonade or water. Also, there was free parking so friends could carpool together to make it on time to the event. Many people enjoyed the event, including me, because of the free space and atmosphere that was offered. Overall, I would rate this event a positive 10/10 and would tell any if you could go, take the advantage and go to prom!

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