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Updated: May 4, 2023

Have you ever wondered why? Why you feel like people don’t get you? Why you have to go through certain circumstances in life? Does anyone even see me? Well, none of us are alone. If I’m being honest, there are times where I feel like people either overlook me, or have their eyes all over me–there’s never in between. They expect so much and sometimes I question, how is it that we all manage to set expectations nobody can live up to?

Whether it’s sports, music, singing, school, or even work, people always expect us to be the best. And wanting that for someone isn’t bad, it’s just the fact that it can be overwhelming physically and mentally.

“Blake! What’s going on?! Why can’t you get the drill straight? That’s it, y’all can run another 17 suicides.”

“Hey Lily, why are you always late with the formation? You gotta step it up, otherwise you can say goodbye to your position on the team.”

“Luke, really? Your mom is just asking you to do something simple. Why can’t you do it?!”

“Hand me your phone. You shouldn’t have talked back to me. I’m your mom, that’s disrespectful.”

“Dana, is it that hard to get straight A’s? Really? You got a B in English and a C in APush?”

“You're the man of the house when I’m gone, make sure you help your siblings and mom while I’m out.”

Do any of these situations feel like you? Well I’m gonna let you in on something. There are about 20 other kids right now reading this, feeling the same way you are. At times you may feel that you have a solid point against someone but they always pressure you into thinking you’re wrong. You're not alone.

Sometimes all we can really do is just show respect and listen like we’re told to. I know that sounds like a cliche, but sometimes we gotta be the bigger person, even if it’s not what we want. No one wants to see you quiet, they’re going to try to push your buttons to mess with you. Yes, the stress can be too much at times, but that’s why we need to be wise with what we say, how we act, and find ways to alleviate our stress.

There are things to relieve the stress, pain and confusion. Sometimes for people it’s writing it all down on a piece of paper or even writing it down in a journal (be it online or hard copy). For others, it’s listening to music and taking a jog. It may even be drawing or painting. Others write down music. We all find a way to relieve everything we feel. It can be simply going to church and praising God. Others it’s just taking a walk and playing with their pet they have at home.

We can also help ourselves out with planning ahead of time. Getting into that right mindset and thinking positive of our situations, even if it’s hard to do. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just a matter of will vs want. And the mindset we have.

But if you were feeling alone, just know there are several thousand like you. We all just don’t really know how to express ourselves. It’s okay to feel lonely, but know you’re not alone.

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