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30 Years of Boy Meets World!

30 years is a long time ago, which makes it that much more impressive when something has an impact or is remembered for that long. But Boy Meets World has succeeded in doing that. From remembering the most famous “Feeny call”, Cory and Topanga’s relationship, or Eric’s jokes, it was the classic family sitcom of its time.

Like many others of my age, we were introduced to Boy Meets World through the Disney channel spin-off, Girl Meets World, which showed the adult versions of the characters from the original show, but now centered around their kids. Overall, this show was pretty good, but Boy Meets World is just better: the family dynamic is there and isn’t as cringy as the spin-off. Maybe because the original was produced by ABC and not completely by Disney. Because of this, it meant they didn’t have to be quite as censored about things that aren’t typically Disney’s "brand" and have more adult type of jokes. It also has a staggering 7 seasons, which is also uncommon, but is justified due to its success.

The cast most recently appeared in their own new podcast titled Pod Meets World. The hosts are the actors Shawn, Eric and Topanga. Through different episodes on the podcast, they revealed some shocking truths about the show and behind the scenes details and how some of them were mistreated and uncomfortable during the filming of some of the shows. They even bring other cast mates from the show onto the podcast.

The rest of the cast is still kicking, the actor of Mr. Feeny, William Daniels, is currently 96 and a half and still going strong. However, for the most part, they all have stopped acting or aren’t in the most successful roles. But, at least they were part of a show that was so vital to people’s childhood and has various now viral moments that are recognizable even if someone hasn’t watched the entire show.

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