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1989 (Taylor’s Version) – Merch Drops

Updated: Nov 3, 2023


Many are familiar with famous American pop star Taylor Alison Swift, or Taylor Swift. She is one of the world’s most successful artists in the music industry, who created the album 1989 dated back in October 27, 2014. Ever since, she had to record an alternative of these albums due to switching companies, some of her albums have been re-recorded under the name of (Taylor’s Version). After remastering, Fearless, Red, and Speak Now, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will make its appearance on October 27, 2023. In addition to this spectacular release, Swift reveals 1989 (Taylor’s Version) official merchandise. The merchandise can include musical units (cassettes, vinyls, albums, CDs), clothing, tote bags, accessories, and even everyday items like keychains, blankets, and many more. These wonderful items fit the theme of the music, with pastel colors and hues brightening this soon-to-be album.

Musical Units

Swift’s merchandise includes a cassette tape, vinyl, (digital) album, and CD that will cover the tracklist of the soon-to-be album of 1989 (TV). These are all sold in her official online store and these items all fit the minimalist, pastel aesthetic. The vinyls have two different looks, with a smiling, bright Swift and light blue hues coloring the vinyl. It contains 5 unreleased songs from “The Vault” and 21 songs in total. This special vinyl also reveals a foldable jacket with different artwork on both sides plus an album sleeve with secret photos for the consumer. Her 1989 (TV) CD contains the same 21 songs and 5 secret songs as the vinyl along with surprises to be unveiled. These said surprises consist of an exclusive disc with beautiful artwork, a lyric booklet with secret images of her, and a foldable-double sided poster. This poster has a full-sized photograph of the one and only Swift, and the other side has lyrics of her song “Welcome to New York.” Swift’s 1989 (TV) cassette is rather more simplistic than the other musical items, but it also has the unrevealed photos. This lovely cassette has a double-sided shell, with one side being pastel green and the other being light yellow. These color choices seem to bring out the cheeky, liveliness of 1989 (TV) itself. Finally, the album of 1989 (TV) can only be received through downloading it into your device. After downloading, the recipient will receive the digital album through their email and can find MP3s. The following files will contain 1989 (TV) and her secret songs.


In addition to the new merchandise, she released new clothes fitting the 1989 (TV) theme. These clothes can range from crewnecks, long and short sleeve tees, hoodies, and sweatpants. The crewnecks are in different colors and patterns, with one in bluish-gray colors with seagulls and the other being a light, brownish pink. The tees have different colors and concepts. The 4 tees include an off white, yellow shirt with the 1989 (TV) album cover, a charcoal-colored shirt with 4 different photographs of the bubbly artist, and a photo-ringer tee with an image of Swift. The sweatpants only consist of one color, which is brownish pink with 1989 and “TAYLOR SWIFT” on both sides of the piece. Finally, there is one tie-dye hoodie in pastel blue with 1989 on the front. Some of these clothing pieces include crewnecks, tees, and hoodies that reveal the eras of Taylor Swift during the time of 1989.

Accessories + Misc. Items

The 1989 (TV) collection even includes accessories and everyday items for the Swift fans. Her items can range as small as keychains, sunglasses, patches, stickers, wallets and caps to as big as viewfinders, tote bags, blankets, and display shelves. The small merchandise are all lovely with different pastel colors such as the keychains, coasters, patches, and wallets. The coaster comes in a quantity of 4 with different muted colors (yellow, pink, blue and green) which features photos of the beloved celebrity. The patches are designed with 1989 in a bubbly, colorful outline. The display shelves are decorated with Swift photographs and they come in 2 versions. One has a CD display while the other is a vinyl display. The tote bag and blanket both have similar design, with a muted blue color and the art of seagulls on the item (however the blanket has more detailed, realistic seagulls). The sunglasses are beige-colored with a free sunglasses bag that is printed with seagulls. The viewfinder is muted blue, presenting another seagull design with photos of Swift on the slides. There are even items including the different eras of her just like the clothes. There are puffy stickers of the celebrity in her different eras, a muted blue desk notepad, and the colorful wallets with the various prints on the them. With 1989 (TV) on its way along with the new collection, Taylor Swift truly surprised us “Swifties” with these adorable, lively pieces that can make us visualize the aesthetic of 1989 (TV). It is truly a wonder what she has for us in store next.

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