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Welcome Back, Ms. Pinkwasser!

Updated: Jan 23

As some may know, Ms. Pinkwasser has been absent for nearly the entire fall semester. For those who don’t know, Ms. Pinkwasser is one of the U.S. History and Government teachers here at Mayfair. She seemingly disappeared without a trace three weeks into the school year, having a dutiful substitute, Miss Stebbins, fill her role. Now, she is back, and with quite a bit to say.

Julian: It’s great to finally have you back, Ms. Pinkwasser. How are you feeling coming back to Mayfair?

Pinkwasser: “I was excited to be back on campus and to see all of my students and my colleagues.”

J: Indeed. So, if it’s alright with you, I’d like to ask a burning question. What exactly happened?

P: “I was in a car accident. I went unconscious, so I don’t remember it at all. So when I went unconscious, the next thing I knew, I was outside of the car and people were telling me I was covered with blood. And, um, then there were officers and an ambulance, and fortunately, no other people were hurt. And this was on Palo Verde, only about a mile from school… It was 3:35 on a Friday.”

J: 3:35 on a Friday… Yikes. It was only about three weeks into the school year if I’m not mistaken.

P: “Yep. I only knew you all for about 11 and a half hours or so with the block schedule.”

J: Indeed. Moving on to my next question, do you like the current state of your classroom, as Miss Stebbins left it?

P: “It is BETTER than when I left it. She made it tidier. She changed the location of the sign in and sign out, and the students like it better and I’m fine. Not one thing that she altered has been changed back. I love every change that she made in my abscence.”

J: A pleasant little surprise, no? Anyway, onto the next question. Is this a different Mayfair that you’re coming back to?

P: “Yes. Umm, the big change is… Should I say it? The big change is the tardies and how they’ve increased. I was surprised too… I’ve never seen it, the amount of tardies so high to class. Coming from first period and snack.”

J: Well, that certainly is a problem. One day, we’ll certainly come up with a solution, though. I have only one more question: Is there anything you’d like to say to Mayfair?

P: “Always have your seat belt on. Like truly, the seat belt and the airbags saved my life. I went straight into a tree on the driver’s side, and I feel like contacting Subaru to tell them that their safety features are what saved my life. My son might not have had a mom if I didn’t use my seat belt.”

J: Well said. Seat belts are indeed a very important part of driving safety, and this is a great demonstration of why.

There you have it, Ms. Pinkwasser’s thoughts on coming back to school and a bit about the accident. We’re very fortunate that you survived it, Ms. Pinkwasser, and we’re glad to have you back for the spring semester! Thank you for all your years as a teacher and we hope that you stay with us for many more. Welcome back to Mayfair!

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