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Venom 2 Movie Review

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

The film “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” was a touching, yet action packed movie which one could say was somewhat all over the place. The protagonists, Venom and Eddie Brock, go through relationship issues and finally get through them together in order to stop a psychotic, maniac killer on the lookout for his old lover. However, later in the movie, he gets his own type of alien-parasite creature by eating Eddie’s blood. The movie itself left me seriously thinking about the tiny messages which were incorporated throughout. Which brought me to wonder why society is so harsh on those who are different. As well as how it makes us seek for acceptance from others by going through and exploring different things in an attempt to love ourselves.
The plot of Venom was a bit chaotic. The way the exposition picks up where the first movie left off was not a bad touch, allowing the viewers to not waste their time with a re-cap. I liked how they were able to smoothly, yet subtly introduce the new villain along with their backstory, providing the viewers with some understanding as to what exactly was going on. As well as how they also touched more on both Venom’s and Eddie’s relationship, because living with a parasite with a mind of its own is an unimaginable change to the lifestyle Eddie is used to. With the way they both confronted their problems with each other, many couples will most likely take this mini message to further help their relationship grow, just like how Eddie and Venom did.
The visual quality of the movie was palatable to the eye with the way the digital stitching was done. For example, Venom’s character and how realistic he looked despite his fictional appearance. The makeup artists executed the special effects makeup brilliantly, allowing the viewer to feel the severity of the character's wound both during and after the fights. I loved the realism of the fights and how physical they got, like the severity and violence which was portrayed when Carnage slaughtered the inmates and officers during his prison break.
The acting quality that came from the actors was compelling enough to be able to suck the viewer into the story. The audience could notice which actors were completely immersed in their role. The actor Tom Hardy showed amazing acting by how he made the viewers truly believe that Venom existed and was with him throughout the movie. Keeping a straight face while talking to a green screen is incredibly difficult, yet he was able to pull it off wonderfully. For the most part I would rate this movie ⅘ stars.

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