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VCHA’s World Tour

Founded in JYP Entertainment was the first ever global group trained by a Kpop company titled VCHA. It was originally created from a survival show called “America2Korea” (A2K). This game focused on teenage girls in the United States, coming from states like California, Chicago, New York, etc. After many weeks of auditions, the winners who were able to advance to the next round, taking place in a boot camp in Los Angeles, are Camilla, Savanna, Lexus, Kaylee, KG, Kendall, Cristina, Yuna, Gina, Melissa and Mischa. Episodes aired from June to September 2023 showing the girls’ ambition and determination to advance into the next round that takes place in South Korea. 

In short, the young girls who were able to debut in VCHA were Lexus, Camilla, Savanna, KG, Kaylee, and Kendall. Quickly after the results came in, they released their pre-debut single “SeVit (NEW LIGHT)” featuring their very first song “Y.O.Universe” that resembles unity through diversity. Since then they have been actively posting on their social media accounts like Tiktok and Instagram. Further along their journey, they released more singles like “Ready For The World” (which is an extended version of A2K’s introduction song) and “Girls Of The Year” (which finally marks their official debut as a global girl group). As far as progress goes, they have been growing faster than most survival shows’ groups. 

Recently, they have performed in TWICE’s concert as opening act on February 2, 2024.  To be able to perform in front of thousands of people as teenage girls coming out of a survival show is astonishing. After that performance, VCHA has been continuously growing as a group, strengthening their performance skills and relationships with one another. They started traveling around the world to perform, such as Hollywood and New York. They were able to perform on stage with the love and support from the audiences. They are able to cherish the opportunity they have taken to become global stars in the music industry. 

If you were to compare A2K with their current status as a group, you can see significant improvements. At first they were amateurs who wanted to audition for fun, but now they have become more determined to prove themselves valuable to the project. A2K is making faster progress than any survival show has produced, and we are excited to see what else VCHA has in store for us. 

Image courtesy of Canva AI

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