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Track and field: bellflower

Our Mayfair track and field team went up against Bellflower on April 7, in 100 degrees Fahrenheit weather. Our very own Mayfair track and field team was a part of several events such as 4 x 100 relay, 1600 meters, high jump, long jump, and so much more. The meet was scheduled to start at 3 p.m., but was postponed until 5 p.m. due to the heat wave. But that didn't stop them from warming up and staying focused. Coach Boppell was impressed with our varsity girls securing a win against Bellflower with a score of 115. Mr. Boppell has been working hard to get our team where they are now. He said he wants to focus on getting our team to the top and be the best at every meet.
Senior Chelsea Aninyei was one of the runners that were able to secure a win this season. Aninyei was part of the long jump, triple jump, and high jump. She says she’s very optimistic about breaking her personal record in the triple jump event, which she did beat during this meet but was not counted because the meet was unofficial. Although she didn’t beat the record during this event, she recently broke it at the following meet with a height of 38’ 11”. Aninyei is an outstanding runner, so much so that the University of California, Riverside has offered her a position on their team next year. Aninyei stated, “ I committed to UCR for track and field so I will be counting my career there and hopefully I will continue to progress.” She added on saying that, “ It feels good to be back on the track especially because it’s my last year and I want to do the best I can so I can graduate knowing I did the best I could do.”
Senior Juan Guerrero is another talented runner who participated in the 1600, 800, 400, 4X4 and most recently started high jump. Guerrero's season was off to a rocky start because he was injured. He said,'' During quarantine I did not train due to fracturing my clavicle.” He then added,” For me I found it very difficult to get back in shape because all my teammates were so much faster during practice. I couldn’t keep up with the team and it took a while for me to be able to keep up with them again.” Guerrero has also broken a few records while being on the team; he holds the fastest personal record in their league as of right now with a time of 2:06.
Overall, our track team never disappointed and we can’t wait to see them win another meet. Coach Boppell can’t wait to see each and every one of his athletes grow and become better than ever. With that being said, the boys varsity overall score was 57 which they unfortunately lost to Bellflower with a score of 71. On the plus side, the girls varsity team won with a score of 115 while the Bellflower girls team lost with a score of 5.

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