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Mayfair’s Boys’ Volleyball

In the very corners of Mayfair’s gym, you can see MHS’s Boys’ Volleyball team making a kick start to its season! Junior varsity and varsity have been practicing hard for their games, making efforts for success. Their games have been a work in progress, gaining advice and discipline from every experience. They constantly train and work hard to achieve the goals they set for themselves and to win games against other schools. 

The Boys’ Volleyball are starting anew, so they have their own challenges that are thrown at them. But that does not stop them from persevering. Amidst all the hardships that come along the way, the players are able to work together to pursue victory. 

I was able to interview some of the boys from Junior Varsity to provide insight of their experiences working in the team. For instance, I asked Jake Wildhaber, a member of the junior varsity who recently joined, on how they stay motivated throughout the season. “That is mostly Sean (another player in the team) actually. Sean motivates mostly everyone because when the teacher gets on everyone, that’s when everyone starts getting unmotivated. But then Sean makes sure everyone can play nicely,” he says. It seems to be that some players try to encourage their teammates to be optimistic, even when their game might not meet their expectations.

As for the leadership side of volleyball, I was able to ask one of the team captains of junior varsity, Paul Precciado, on his experience for the team and how he contributes to the team as a captain. I asked him what are the valuable qualities that he strives to possess in a team in which he said “Communication, teamwork, and getting along.” Along with concentrating on these assets, he utilizes his leadership skills to make the team united. Paul says, “I try motivating the team, keeping them to try to win even if we’re losing. I try my best to keep their spirits up as much as I can.”

Even though the setbacks can be tough to overcome, the players still depend on each other since they would be unable to win if there is disorganization. “Even if a player has a big temper, he trusts us, that’s what brings the team together,” Sean Svay quotes. Despite the imperfections of the team, they are still capable of improving themselves through the encouragement of teammates. As this season begins to show our energetic, persevering Boys’ Volleyball team, they will be able to show off the Monsoon energy Mayfair presents. 

The following Monsoons in this sports program:

Junior Varsity

  • Paul Precciado (Captain)

  • David San (Captain)

  • Jorge Leal

  • Sean Svay

  • Noah Penh

  • Ethan Ork

  • Christian Robletto

  • Kaiden Phan

  • Jake Wildhaber

  • Noah Dip

  • Johnny Gonzalez

  • Jaden Juan Hernandez


  • Noah Clark

  • Isaiah Vera

  • Andrew Nakagawa

  • Kainoa Figueroa

  • Otto Ziemann

  • Dann Del Rosario

  • Ivan Prum

  • Lennox Scott

  • Reine Sanchez

  • Rocco Mercado

  • Anthony Zuniga

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Jaden Hernandez

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