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Tiger Woods' Withdrawal From the Genesis Invitational

82-time PGA Tour winner and 15-time PGA Major Event winner—Tiger Woods was set to make a remarkable return to golf after his ten month recovery period due to a foot injury he sustained during the 2023 Masters Tournament.. Woods made his return at the iconic Genesis Invitational Tournament (located in Southern California) after undergoing surgery for his sustained injuries. 

Woods shot a 1-over 72 in his first round, including a terrible shank to end his round on hole 18, where he claimed it was the back spasm which led to the fault. He then played a few holes on the next day, where he withdrew due to illness.

Speculation arose when he withdrew, leading many to believe the cause of the withdrawal was due to poor play, blaming it on an illness. Woods later made a statement through the press declaring he was diagnosed and treated for the flu.

Leaving with his head down shortly after his withdrawal, Woods seemed disappointed and  stated that he hopes to play a couple tournaments this month. Many are hoping for his entrance into the sport in the near future..

Many may believe that this may be the ending of a wonderful career. . Even after all he has been through, Tiger Woods has not given up despite the challenges he is faced with. 

He has stated previously that he hopes to get some more wins under his belt as he is one win away from breaking the all time PGA Tour win record—ties in with Sam Snead. Wood also wishes to break the Major wins record, where he is 4 shy of breaking it, having 15, and Jack Nicklaus having 18.

Much of the golf fanbase hopes to see a speedy recovery from Tiger and is hoping to see him play in more events soon.

Image courtesy of Dan Perry: Wikimedia Commons

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