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This Month’s Blue Basket Winner: Mr. Rodriguez!

Mr. Rodriguez has been teaching for an estimated 17 years. Mr. Rodriguez is highly honored to receive an award from his colleagues who he’s worked with for many years. Those same colleagues have always supported him when he first started working at Mayfair High School. Including the collaboration of ideas and exchanging materials that could be beneficial towards staff and students. Mr. Rodriguez makes sure—as a teacher’s obligation—to prepare his students for the future whether it’s math classes, college or facing challenges inside or outside of school. Furthermore, Mr. Rodriguez always does his best to attend school in order to achieve his responsibilities and impact students' lives. 

A goal he holds close to his heart is seeing his students (both current and former students) succeed in their classes and exceed their goals. He tries new ways to communicate with his students when it comes to problems on the homework or any other situations. Most of all, Mr. Rodriguez advises in words of motivation “Don’t be afraid to try new things and to be water!” 

His biggest reward of all is being able to teach his students and being around them. 

For the most part, I was really happy to hear that one of my former teachers had won an award.

He truly does deserve this award because the amount of effort he puts in as a teacher, it is astonishing! It makes me happy knowing that he is proud of all of the goals his students have put in as well as I. 

Honestly, the reason why I’m in IM2 Honors is due to the support that Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Yanes (Co-teacher) gave me in order to strive higher. It’s teachers like Mr. Rodriguez that make an impact on how their teaching practices affect students positively! In other words, Mr. Rodriguez, you really do deserve this.

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