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The Tuba Room

The tuba room is a sensational family run by Daniel Orellana. The tuba room can seem uninteresting, but what goes on inside the tuba room has remained confidential within the band kids. For years the tuba room has been located in the band room simply to put the tubas away, but the purpose has changed over time. This change has caused a club to be born. The saying of the tubas has, and since always has been ‘PK’! PK is a mystery even to the band itself. No one but the tubas know what it is. What could it mean? Why do they always say it? Why does it fill them up with hope? We will never know. What we do know is all the effort they put into completing that PK mystery. The tuba kids are students who are the backbone of the band and are ready to carry on that burden–especially the Tuba leader Daniel Orellena.

The Group:

(Daniel Orellano- 11th grade)

Daniel is an awesome Mayfair Monsoon junior who carries the burden of not just taking care of his section, but of the band as well. Many say he is the adopted son of Eddy Martinez who is now a Mayfair graduate. Daniel took the spot of former section leader Mackenzie Marker. He has always striven for excellence for his section and academically as well.

Michael and Albert are always the talkative ones of the group providing a spark of happiness in the air. Michael–a sophomore– is new to the tubas, but not new to the band. Albert on the other hand is a new member of not just the tuba section but of the Mayfair Monsoon marching Corps.

Geo and Don are more on the quieter side of the band. Being the ones who are more on task, they are ready to play as soon as it is indicated to them. Geo is a junior who although has recently joined the tuba section, has played tuba for two years.

Nat as they all call her is a loud one who is able to play the lowest note. She manages to out play most of the section (except the leader) making her notes loud and clear. Nat is a junior and played in the marching band the year before, and is now proud to play tuba.

In conclusion:

The tubas are an amazing family united not only by the instruments, but by heart. The Tuba room has become their hangout. That’s not what makes them special. Tubas will always be tubas…1..2…3.. PK!!!!

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