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The Mayfair Monsoon Marching Corps 2023 Season Finale

This year was a great year for the Marching band, ending up in 13th (Marching score was 85.3) place out of over 200 bands. Starting the season was very hard for many. Having to practice every week day, and in the morning the day of the competition (Usually a Saturday). Practice going from 2-3 hours a day in order to memorize and perfect their marching and music. Starting from Mayfair and ending up at the grand stage of Huntington beach, they managed to establish a good impression with the other marching competitors for future years, which are the final years with Mr. Philips in charge.

Some thoughts and words members had about the season:

  • Gio: I loved the season and we really grew as a family. I miss everyone from last year and I hope next year when I graduate someone misses me.

  • Daniel : It was a great season, managing to strengthen and grow new members of the corps. I am glad to be the tuba section leader and was so happy to see my section grow socially and skill wise.

  • Diego: It was a fun season and my last, sadly, but I am glad I was able to March next to all my friends and peers.

  • Albert: For my first year I really loved marching and will definitely do it next year. Even though it was a rough start I had the opportunity to learn and grow as a musician. 

As every great season starts, they also must sadly come to an end. However, people have much more to be excited about concerning the future and our Mayfair band. With Mr. Philips’ last year around the corner, we’re excited to see the creativity he has to offer for just a little longer!

Photo Curtesy of Mayfair's Journalism

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