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The Belcher's on the Big Screen

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is an all around entertaining, feel good movie. It starts when a sinkhole appears in front of the restaurant, stunting business when a skeleton is found. The Belcher’s landlord is the main suspect, ruining their plans of getting a loan extension causing Louise, Tina and Gene to skip school and set out trying to solve the mystery. In the meantime, Linda and Bob try to find their own ways to save the restaurant, but when all 5 Belchers end up in trouble it’s up to each of them to save each other. It’s an amazing comedic animation and does a great job making this an introductory film with not too much character or world building to understand what's going on.

Expanding further on that point, this series has 12 seasons to date and the writers did an amazing job making this an introductory film with enough running jokes for the long term fan. Not to the point where new viewers need an extensive amount of character and world building to understand what’s going on. This balance is extremely hard to achieve but it was pulled off perfectly. The production was amazing from the score, to the animation, to the cast-- it’s all perfect. The cast from the show are incredibly diverse and it was nice to see the voice actors carried over. A few including: H. John Benjamin as Bob Belcher, Kristen Schaal as Louise, John Roberts as Linda Belcher, and Dan Mintzas as Tina Belcher.

It’s a great feel good movie with all of its aspects along with coming of age and murder mystery elements. As a long term viewer myself, it’s extremely nice to get a movie that I can go to with my friends even if they’ve never watched Bob’s Burgers prior.

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