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Teacher Spotlight: Garrison

At Mayfair High School, there are plenty of staff, counselors, administrators, teachers and much more. However, out of all who attend here at this school in Mayfair, my favorite teacher here is Mrs. Garrison. Mrs. Garrison is a IM1 math teacher here in the 100 wing who helps out Mrs. Stiglbauer. This year I was put in their IM1 class but unfortunately, my math teachers got switched the second semester. Ever since I was put in their class last semester for IM1 she made me feel welcome, appreciated, and blessed. Each morning, she would welcome me in class each day by saying “Goodmorning Alyssa how are you” and would ask me how I'm doing with everything, as well as my sport, softball. She always made my days better even when my mornings started off rough.

Mrs. Garrison always has a smile on her face and is very passionate about what she does. When me and her talk she makes me feel like we have a good connection, like no other student and teacher would. Most teachers don’t really ask stuff like how are you and so forth, they usually just teach to us students and assign us work each day. However Mrs. Garrison cares about all of her students like they are her own and gets to know them. She helps students out one on one when they don’t understand the work they’re learning in that unit and takes her time to re-explain what we learned in the chapter. She also asks how we are mentally. I appreciate her a lot and she’s helped me in plenty of ways such as in doing work or outside of schooling. I enjoyed all the talks me and her had when I was in the class and now when I see her around campus from time to time. Even though I am not in her class anymore, she will always be my favorite teacher here at Mayfair High School.

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