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Scrap Doodle #2

This character was originally made for an assignment I did for Art Academy. The assignment was based on the concept of love. Whether it be a dark concept or lighthearted one; my concept demonstrates the different aspects of love. Demonstrating how love can sometimes be obsessive and manipulative.

I loved the assignment in itself, if you want to go check it out it’s in the gallery at the STEAM building. As well as my other fellow classmates' portraits, I would 100% recommend you to check it out. I’d say that they are one of the most talented people that I’ve ever met. In general, it’s such a beautiful community to be in.

If you are interested in joining Art Academy or an art elective, I suggest talking to your counselors. Trust me you won’t regret it.

Unfortunately, this character doesn’t have a name developed yet. So, if you have any suggestions on what to name feel free to comment! Furthermore, if you have more of these scrapdoodles, I will be more than happy to do more of these.

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