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Scarlet in the Rough - Doja Cat’s Amazing Business Tactics

Doja Cat, an amazingly popular artist has been called many things. Rather it be demonic, explicit or just plain unlikeable. Throughout her career, many questions have risen regarding her whether it is her religious beliefs, the meanings behind her music and more. But a question lingers, could there be a reason behind the madness? Upon further analysis, several reasons behind her actions can be found in her newest album. For example, Doja Cat says:

They gon' buy it, they gon' pirate, they gon' play it, they consume it, if you're scootin', let me know 'cause that's a comment, that's a view, and that's a ratin', that's some hatin', that's engagement I could use and I could teach y'all how to do this, but I'd much rather be cruisin' (“97” from Doja Cat’s Scarlet)

Like many other lyrics featured in Scarlet, she gives reason behind many things she’s done and even addresses the things going on in her career at the moment. However, this verse in particular stands out because it's Doja Cat’s own opinion on her hate and dislikes. This verse lets the listeners know that despite the hate she receives she still gets engagement with her work, despite what they may call her she still gets attention, despite her background and past she’ll still be recognized.

Some may be wondering how exactly Doja is getting both positive and negative, and the biggest hints are in the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Tiktoker “Cocoa Butter” emphasizes the way her performance was set up. Her performance featured many background dancers surrounding her tightly while she’s dressed as her demonic alter ego “Scarlet,” while she’s dressed formally and professionally. “When it comes to Doja Cat’s new music, all anyone can seem to focus on is the demons. But in the center of all these demons - what is there? A business woman.” (@cocoabutterofficial) But how far does this go? Doja Cat is aware of what she's been doing with her new questionable era, the demons are just a facade for her to get more income, every view and click she gets just contributes to her despite what her fans or haters may think. The spread of gossip and drama about her makes her stronger and helps her rise to even greater heights. The first time that the rumors started to rise about her new demonic era, she just got more fame as her views, comments, and more rise because all controversies and debates about celebrities just helps them stand out and causes them to be more relevant, and Doja Cat has mastered this and taken advantage of these tactics just to improve her own career while others think she's ruining it.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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