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Reliving the 2000's

Some users on TikTok have noticed a pattern that has recently appeared which is the fact that the world of entertainment is currently relieving its early two thousands. This wave of nostalgia is brought to us by the re-releases and new versions of movies, specifically movie adaptations.

The start of this was probably Taylor Swift and all of her re-recordings of her albums. Which have gotten massive success, which mostly lead to others seeing the success in releasing new versions of old adaptations or just of old characters. Most of the originals were from around 2010. For instance, Five Nights at Freddy’s recently got a film adaptation, but the original, which was a game, was released in 2014. The game had an era like most things – thanks to media and trends. Most people vividly remember being jumpscared once or twice by the animatronics or say it was never scary.

Something that isn’t as scary got some adaptations and new versions as well. Some with the most hypes and past releases in 2012: Hunger Games and Percy Jackson. Hunger Games has its prequel “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes' ' coming out and Percy Jackson has the Disney plus show “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. Book fanatics hope that the prequel will be equally as successful as the original and the Percy Jackson one to at least be a more accurate representation of the books. But in general, the wave of nostalgia seems to be positive. And a good way to use the means of social media to help bring back a bit of comfort that these things brought originally.

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