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Love 4 Emma Chamberlain

Emma Frances Chamberlain is a popular vlogger who rose to stardom on YouTube at the age of 16, after moving from her family's home to Los Angeles. She's never been one to shy away from showing her life unfiltered, she shows practically everything she goes through out of a goal to have people connect with her, not feel the need to hide what they're going through and to stop them from feeling as alone. She has gotten a lot of backlash in the past, but she has overcome that, blossomed into more than just another hated comedic YouTuber, become the channel that millions of people watch for comfort and for someone they look up to and trust.

Emma has continuously branched out and has made her own coffee brand, “Chamberlain Coffee”, because everyone who loves and knows her understands just how much of a coffee fanatic the cozy YouTuber really is. Since the people she previously worked with for her clothing brand years ago made people dislike her, this was a way better branding deal for her as it was something she actually knew a lot about and held a great interest in. This has additionally helped her to be able to share parts of her life on the internet without people prying into her business. Even though she opens up on her podcasts about her real life situations and controversial things in the world, she is able to control the parts of her life she shares at her own pace in a way that’s healthy for her.

Recently, she’s left behind her life in Los Angeles to freely travel and show people different parts of the world. Her content has evolved from more than just at home relatable; it's something to give inspiration to her viewers. Furthermore she was notorious in the past for prioritizing her editing and video making instead of taking care of her own health, so it’s really nice to see that she’s learned to put herself first and she uploads videos in a less stressful way on mental and physical well being. She’s become more in touch with herself and has grown over the years to really be able to relax and enjoy the new paths appearing in her life.

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