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Level Up Your Skills: Exploring the World of Esports in Mayfair High School

As technology advances further, video games continue to evolve with it, and put an imprint on the entertainment industry. Video games have undergone a remarkable evolution, from their origins as mere forms of entertainment to becoming a powerful cultural phenomena that deeply influence society and shape social norms. From the early days of arcade cabinets to the modern era of expansive online worlds, this form of entertainment has not only entertained but also challenged perceptions, sparked discussions, and even altered behaviors and mindsets. Video games have become competitive and now open opportunities to people who could pursue this passion as a career. In Mayfair High School, there’s a course on competitive gaming and streaming that supports creativity and inclusiveness! 

Mayfair’s one and only Esport educator is Victor Palasios (also known as The Wizz), a credential expert in the field of Esports and teaches students how to utilize our leisure time of video games and the possibilities beyond a hobby that can become a passion. 

Mr. Wizz was a graduate of Mayfair High School in 1997, who played traditional sports such as football and baseball and played in universities as a football player. His passion for fighting gaming started in the 90’s, playing Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Tekken. Mr. Wizz was the first to teach Esports full time in a school setting in this country, with the support of his amazing family. With his love for competitive video games, he gave students the opportunity of the pathway of education in the gaming industry!  

Esports itself is a game and simulation course that consists of gameplay, game design, roles in a gaming studio, commentary, learning about the computer parts and hardware, engineering consoles and repairing consoles. Students also learn how to host tournaments and use statistics to rank students based on their skill level, and collect the data into a presentation. These factors in Esports teach the student the fundamentals of the process of game making, hosting a tournament, streaming, and repairing tech. Also, hosting tournaments in competitive gaming – such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Rocket League, and much more. Teaching the basics and strategies to improve their gameplay and achieve personal goals, like typing without looking at your keyboard. Students can also use their knowledge of Esport as a way to stream at home and play casually, applying their knowledge of Esports to their everyday life.  

Their course’s uniqueness stems from their student engagement, where students work together as a team and learn from each other. 

David H. is a student in the Esports course and is passionate to pursue Esports in the gaming industry, loving video games since he was a child. He’s ambitious to achieve anything he sets his mind to, and met amazing people in Esports. David H. explains that Esports is often stereotyped, however there are abounding bonds made that makes Esports a positive and welcoming community where students can have fun while learning.  

Overall, the Esports course teaches students important skills in technology that we use today while also engaging students to actively participate and apply their knowledge in a fun and immersive way.

Cover photo credits to Lucas-Zero on Deviant Art

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