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Lakewood Hall of Fame: Athletes and Awards

Since 1981, the City of Lakewood has been recognizing young athletes for their athletic abilities by hosting an annual banquet in honor of their achievements. During the banquet, they earn a place in the Hall of Fame for their performance throughout the year, being recognized for being outstanding athletes in their sport or overall. The schools included in this would be Lakewood High School, Artesia High School, Millikan High School, Valley Christian High School, and Mayfair High School. Both this year and last year, a total of eight athletes from Mayfair were recognized during this year's annual banquet.
Last year's honored athletes were Juan Guerrero from Cross Country receiving “Performer of the Year Award” and Chelsea Aninyei from Track & Field, also receiving “Performer of the Year Award”, as well as last year's Scholar Athlete, Devin Lane, who plays basketball. This year’s honored athletes are Juan Guerrero from Cross Country receiving the title of “Distinguished Nominee”, Savannah Ford from Girls Tennis receiving the title of “Performer of the Year”, Nick Adimora from both Football and Boys Basketball receiving the title of “Athlete of the Year”, Esther Kailiponi from Girls Volleyball receiving the title of Performer of the Year, as well as this year's Scholar Athlete, Mia Cuellar who is in both Cross Country and Track & Field. Congratulations to this year's athletes for their outstanding performances during the 2021 and 2022 seasons.
Athlete Nick Adimora, who was Athlete of the 2022 year, has been playing football four years before Mayfair and four years during his high school career, giving him eight years experience with the sport. Only four students have received the title Athlete of the Year this year, with Nick being one of them. When Nick received the title he expressed, “It was exciting when I heard that I got it. I thought it was cool being one of the people who was called.” Along with mentioning the fact that his, “Teachers and teammates definitely helped me along the way so I’m very grateful.” Another athlete, Savannah Ford who received the title “Performer of the Year” has played Tennis for a total of four years while at Mayfair. When becoming part of the Hall of Fame, Savannah says that she felt, “Surprised, I didn’t think about how my record was and thought oh this was a normal thing. And then I realized it wasn’t and felt happy that I played pretty good this year!” Savannah says that she plans to continue Tennis after high school if available. Finally, Esther Kailiponi who also received the title “Performer of the Year” has been playing Volleyball for a total of 10 years. She says that she felt, “Grateful and kinda surprised, but a good surprise. Yeah, very happy.” when receiving the title. This year, a large number of athletes from Mayfair received titles in the Hall of Fame for their outstanding performances for the 2021 and 2022 year. Congratulations to all Mayfair athletes who ended up in the Hall of Fame! .

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