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Death to 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The new Netflix original film, Death to 2021, a sequel to Death to 2020, serves as a “Mockumentary.” This movie takes us back to the start and through the end of 2021. The film reminds its viewers of the terrors the world has experienced ranging from COVID-19 and vaccines to climate change and the Taliban’s taking of Afghanistan.
These topics are discussed with fictional characters through interviews which are obviously scripted, in order to reveal the ignorance of the human race. Throughout the film, we meet scientists, tech entrepreneurs, journalists, TV presenters, historians, Tik-Tok influencers and a Trump-supporting mother. The mockumentary describes society’s newfound hyper-fixation with “wokeism” and cancel culture.
They begin by reflecting on the attack of the Capitol in the beginning of 2021, on January 6th. The film does a great job using comedic strategies in order to reveal the biggest issues in America. One of the most prominent topics discussed in the mockumentary lies in the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as its new variants. Multiple political topics are discussed and the script of the interviewees accurately represents the ignorance of multiple opinions shared in the US. One of the most memorable characters in Death to 2021 was the Donald Trump-supporting mother who had the most contradicting views. Through one of the scenes where she was describing her reasoning behind her anti-vaxxing culture, she says that she “ha[s] been doing [her] own research.”
The film reflects true, deep-rooted issues that have been developing in this country which has made me completely obsessed with the film. The way in which the producers were able to represent almost every type of person in American society was truly entertaining. Death to 2021 is rated MA on netflix due to several instances of strong language. Although I thoroughly enjoyed watching Death to 2021, multiple viewers have not failed to recognize that the film seems to be biased against Donald Trump. Despite that, this film was extremely hilarious while remaining terrifying due to its ability to hide the ugly truth with comedic value. I rate Death to 2021 a 4/5, I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for Death to 2022!

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