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Black Adam Had Potential

Warning: Major spoilers for Black Adam

Black Adam was an alright film, but it definitely could have been better. This is probably due to the fact that it's been in development for around 10 years. Unfortunately, because of its inability to wow me, my rating is only a 7/10. I wasn’t really that excited for the movie, but the trailers did make it more interesting to me, since they put Doctor Fate and Hawkman in suits that looked amazing. Additionally, going into it, I knew Henry Cavill was coming back to portray Superman, but it didn’t affect my decision since he was only in the post credit scene.

The action scenes and the superhero shots definitely saved the movie because the plot line was wildly confusing. It introduced around 10 major comic book characters in a bad way and I understand that it wasn’t their movie, but it could have been handled better. Even Black Adam’s background was confusing and at the end of the movie I felt that it could have done better without some of the characters and scenes. For instance, it was kind of awkward the whole Hawkman vs Black Adam moments because even though they had potential, they weren’t executed well. This brings me to my biggest point: the actors and visuals were amazing, so the script of the movie was the real problem.

My favorite part of the movie was when Doctor Fate is waking up Black Adam because it ended up as a good moment of action. I think the actors for Doctor Fate, Pierce Brosnan, and Hawkman, Aldis Hodge, are perfect fits for the roles and I would honestly like to see them portray the characters in a solo movie. Speaking of getting solo movies, is Henry Cavill actually coming back as Superman or was it just a tease, because if it was, why? They could have had a cameo from Shazam, since he’s more related to Black Adam than Superman and it would actually relate to his upcoming movie.

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