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Ado: A Japanese Music Review

Last year, I listened to a song called “Readymade”, and it immediately had me hooked and I had to look for more. The artist was called Ado, and she’s Japanese. Surprisingly, without understanding a single word (except for the translated lyrics) I fell in love with every one of her songs.

Ado has three songs in particular I like the most, and will be focusing on. The first, “Readymade,” has a more jazzy style, and relies on a lot of brass instruments, with a steady drum beat in the background. The second, “Useewa,” is more on the alternative rock side, with the beat, instruments, and vocals all reminiscent of ‘Paramore’ and ‘Set It Off’. Lastly, “Odo” is a more energetic, catchier beat. “Odo” is my personal favorite and it sounds like “Japanese Shakira” according to my grandmother, which is something I can see.

The one thing I truly believe sets Ado apart from others is her electrifying vocals, and the fact that she’s new and young. She’s been making music for about a year, starting when she was 18. Every song she sings is a wonder; one of my favorite things is the changes in her voice throughout the song. She fluctuates between sweet and soft to gruff and energetic. Ending off, the last appeal is her character throughout her music, a blue-haired girl with sharp teeth and a lot to say, each music video is wonderful to watch. Generally, no matter your favorite genre I’d recommend you give her a listen. Overall a great artist and my rating is a 5/5.

You can find her music on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

If you wish to listen to her, here are links to the previously mentioned songs:




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