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The United States Women's National Team faced Colombia on Sunday March 3rd in the Quarter-final for the Gold Cup at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles. This quarter-final was a chance for the United States to redeem itself after they lost their group stage to Mexico in the previous game 2-0. Both teams were playing with everything they had, the winner of the match goes onto the Semi-final. 

The United States showed their dominance in the match while Colombia had some dirty fouls on their end. In the thirteenth minute, Alex Morgan got fouled in the penalty box leading to our first goal scored by captain Lindsey Horan. Before the goal was taken, Colombia would not allow them to take the PK. At one point a Colombian player even ran into the box right before Horan was going to take the kick. 

Horan found the net and set the tone for the match just in the thirteenth minute, and the team's confidence soared. Less than 10 minutes after the first goal, Jenna Nighswonger had an amazing goal that was tucked in the corner assisted by Morgan. 

Within the first 45 minutes the United States secured 3 goals. The third goal came from Jaedyn Shaw after Trinity Rodman one-touched it to Shaw for her 5th goal in 8 games. Throughout the first half bodies were constantly rolling around the floor, yellow cards were given, but thankfully no one was injured.

The second half of the game calmed down and no goals were scored from either team, however the United States had many chances. To end the match the United States goalie Alyssa Naeher reached her 100th cap! She is the third United States women’s goalie to do so. She was celebrated and got player of the match. The United States secured their victory and a spot in the Semi-finals!

Image Courtesy of USWNT Instagram

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