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The Government's Dark, Cheezy Secret

There's a massive secret that the government has been hiding under our noses. The USA has been hiding 1.4 billion pounds of Cheese: that's more pounds than the amount of people in the United States. You may ask, “Where is this cheese?” It's in caves. The Cheese Caves are a set of limestone mines in Missouri that the government is using to put cheese in, but why?

It dates back to the 70s when the US had a major issue in the dairy industry. Back then there was a shortage of dairy, this was bad because dairy was, and still is, very important to the economy. The government’s solution was to give money to the dairy farms, which was a good short-term solution. That was when dairy farmers realized after the shortage that the government would pay for any excess products. So they overproduced.

This ended in the government owning a lot of milk—which they turned into cheese for a longer shelf life. The first attempted answer was in the Reagan administration. The answer was to give the cheese to poorer parts of the country. This was announced when President Reagan gave a speech about giving it away. This coined the term “government cheese”.

This brings us to today where the USA is still hoarding cheese. However, they stopped giving it to the people. This creates a big problem where the government is paying for dairy that they are not using. Also, Americans are using less dairy than ever. The U.S. is consuming 46% less dairy than in 1975 but production of dairy has increased 13% since then. The next resolution came when the US realized that the problem was that people were not consuming enough dairy. So then they gave the Department of Agriculture 140 million dollars a year to make people consume dairy, therefore birthing the slogan “Got milk?”.

So where is this all heading, well, the dairy industry is being auto-inflated by the United States by 42%, and if you have not heard the news the US is not doing so well. Although, I hope you will laugh at the reason you see “Got milk?” is because somewhere in a cave where the stone that made your house was mined, there is a pile of cheese.

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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