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The False Shooting Scare at HBCU, LA Convention Center

In a chilling turn of events, the calm atmosphere at a historically black college and university (HBCU) event held at the Los Angeles Convention Center was called off by the brawls of chaos and a rumor that began to spread.

On a Sunday, many students and chaperones in this event were enjoying this convention to learn the opportunities and academic pathways of colleges and universities. However, there was commotion of several brawls that caused chaos and confusion to bystanders of the schools. These fights from students of other schools alerted authorities and the Los Angeles Police Department, and they swiftly searched the perimeter while students evacuated. It was rumored in the immense chaos that someone was armed in the event. However, before students entered the convention they were all searched for contraband, and when the students evacuated there were also no gunshots heard. So it’s most likely the gossip was a hoax.

Thankfully all scholars vacated the area, however many who were not involved with these brawls were rightfully displeased with the event being canceled shortly, having to leave early due to investigations. Violet Easter, a member of the Young Black Scholars club at Mayfair, attended this event and was unsatisfied because it was unfair that many scholars including herself could not fully experience the convention. Especially when a huge majority of students were not introduced to most of the colleges and could not experience the shows included in the convention.

Overall, the community is still recovering from the shock of the event; lessons are learned and measures are put in place to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. By prioritizing safety, communication, and mental health support, we can work together to ensure that all individuals feel secure and protected in their pursuit of education, celebration, and community engagement.

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