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The Beverely Crest Shooting

A shooting at Beverly Crest, two miles away from Beverly Hills, left at least three people dead and four people injured. The calls came in from Ellison drive where they heard shooting at 2:30 AM. When officers arrived, they found five people shot and three dead. The three dead were Destiny Sim who was twenty-six years old, Nenah Davis who was twenty-nine and Iyana Hutton who was thirty-three years old. They were found in a parked car in a short-term rental property. Police say that it was not an active shooter situation and police are looking for “suspects,” asking for anyone to step forward with information about anything. At the moment, there is no information about any suspects.

Police do think that the community is in danger because the interviews from the victims have not been released yet. The other four people wounded who are not identified yet were taken to local hospitals. Two of the four were in stable condition and the other two were in critical condition. There have been about forty deadly shootings in 2023, a record if continued at this pace. The government is trying to halt the amount of deadly shootings by making stricter laws about owning guns. But they continue to happen and it looks like there’s no stopping the deadly shootings any time soon. Even this year there have been over dozens of shootings and it doesn't look like there will be a stop to them. We can only hope that these shootings stop because they’re becoming common events that happen every week around the world.

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