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Temu Drama

$5 hair straightener? Yes, please! $2 mini blender? Don't mind if I do! At this point, it would be safe to assume that almost everyone and their mother is in the know about the taped-up neon orange packages. If you're not in the loop, Temu is an Asian-owned online marketplace selling almost everything through 3rd-party vendors at crazy low prices. From health and beauty products to legitimate tech and electronic items, Temu is dominating the online retail space. As of right now, they are the top best-selling app in all app stores for 2023, beating Amazon! However, the legitimacy of the shop is sparking debate.

One debate being had is the shop being a pyramid scheme. A common tactic the market uses to gain interaction and engagement is mini-games. Some games include spinning a wheel for prizes (products or coupons), raffles, and more. The catch is that you cannot claim your prize until you share the app with people in your contacts for points. The end product of this is that you will not be getting the free products, but they still gain shares and new app users. This is a classic example of a pyramid scheme.

The pyramid scheme is leading people to think that the entire market is a "scam." While it is true that you are being encouraged to share the app for a larger platform and more viewers, the idea of Temu scamming its customers is not accurate. All the products on the app are real and of high quality; you receive what you are asking for. Temu is not shortchanging its consumers! Temu is also facing allegations of hacking consumers' bank accounts and taking their personal information. While none of this is confirmed, they are currently under investigation.

As someone who has bought from the site multiple times, always make sure you're navigating these types of sites safely. Ensure that the sites are legitimate before purchasing your goods.

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