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Teacher Spotlight: Presenting Mrs. Head

English 10 teacher, Mrs. Head has finally made her return to Mayfair High School after a maternity leave and is back in action! She is known to be a co-teacher working alongside another teacher, Mrs. Ugale, and has taught students to develop their English skills in writing, language, reading, etc. Her drive to make students engage in their learning is essential for their futures and that is her main focus.

What exactly inspired Mrs. Head to become an educator? She always had a fondness for interacting with students and felt that teaching was a natural talent she possessed. Back in 2013, she worked as a classroom maid helping out other teachers at a different school. As the curious Mrs. Head continued to observe the teachers and how students engaged, she said to herself, “I want to do that, that should be me.” With her love for teaching, she took psychology and social behavior at UC Irvine. She then transferred to USC to obtain her masters in teaching and a graduate certificate for special education, which allowed her to have a fixed position in teaching. She is currently going to Cal State Long Beach to achieve the EDS degree for school psychology.

Mrs. Head has taught at Mayfair High School for a while and has taken different classes. She originally taught at the middle school for History until the pandemic. After that, she decided to transition to English 10 with Mrs. Ugale. She chose this due to her love for English, reading, and writing. Even while she is teaching, she finds enjoyment in the books and excerpts she discusses. Seeing students grow and improve is something that she finds amazing. With her return, she looks forward to being a member of the co-teaching committee. Mrs. Head finds delight in students when they mature and put effort into mastering their own skills that will benefit their futures. Being involved in the school community and graduating are other things that she considers remarkable.

Her previous experiences at Mayfair were different but she still enjoyed being at this school nonetheless. She noticed the new block schedule of MHS and found it less overwhelming compared to last year’s schedule. She states that, “We see you a couple classes a day - it’s easier for them [students] to keep track of their assignments and it’s also easier for us teachers to help them because the periods are longer if they need help on the work we’re assigning.” In order to improve her skills in the classroom, she plans to change the staggering feeling of being in the classroom longer by constructing brain breaks for her students. Adding on to that, she is attentive to her student's well-being as she is aware of the adapting everyone has to endure. “I want to work on how I can change my content so that they can get up and move.” Mrs. Head adds. She aspires to teach students in ways that will get them excited about their blooming futures. Mrs. Head is a committed, diligent teacher who allows students to shine to their utmost potential.

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