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Stormy and Icy Weather Looms Above Sunny California

For the past few weeks now, California has been hit with severe winter weather. With continuous rain and very powerful winds, the state of California has been getting hit with the longest chilly winter ever. Surprisingly, southern California not only experienced bad rain, but they are also experiencing historic snowfall in the most unexpected areas. This weather that California is enduring right now caused many landslides, road damages, and knocked down power lines.

However Californians living in the mountains are having it rough, they have not seen that much snowfall in forever. Homeowners who live in the mountains have been saying, “This was the worst snowfall in decades”. Many families that are currently living in the mountains have been trapped by the heavy powdery snow, and are struggling to keep up due to power lines having been knocked down, making it harder for them to stay warm. Not only that, they are also struggling from food shortages, and keeping up with living necessities. Which makes it difficult for survival in the cold. Mothers who aren’t able to buy baby formula for their babies are also struggling. Without supermarkets, families aren’t able to supply their needs. Crews are working hard everyday to plow the very high snow, and are also clearing roads.

According to CNBC, the California governor has declared a state of emergency concerning the 13 counties that were hit terribly by the terrible snowstorm. Ski resorts in the mountains of southern California were forced to shut down due to the heavy blizzard conditions. They have also stated, the weather has caused bad damage, possibly surpassing 1 billion dollars in repairs after the winter storm. This winter storm will last about another month long according to meteorologists. Hopefully this month will go by fast, and we can all go back to normal, not having to worry about heavy snow and the wet rain.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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