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Should Assault Weapons be Banned Again?

Ever since the ban on assault rifles expired in 2004, people still debate on whether or not there should once again be a ban. Some people believe that there should be because of the amount of shootings there has been in the past year alone and others believe that there shouldn't be because it goes against the second amendment. No one really knows which side is better but we have to do something to stop all the killing and the injuries. The reasons why assault weapons are banned is because they are meant for war. Assault weapons, like ARs, are made to be used by the military when they are fighting against the enemy, not to be used by civilians wanting to kill people for fun. By banning assault rifles they believe that the amount of shootings and deaths would go down by 25-40% making it a huge difference to what it is now. Others believe that by banning assault weapons, not only does it take away a bit of our freedom but it also does not give us a chance to survive in the chances that there is an intruder, shooter, or killer near us. They also believe that even if there was a ban for assault rifles, shooters will still find a way to kill. It isn't the guns that are a problem in the world but the people living on it.

Which side of the debate are you on? Why?

I personally believe that there should not be a ban on assault weapons. Just like a previous article I read said, I also believe that even if there was a ban, people would still find a way to obtain an assault rifle and kill people. There is so much evil in this world that if assault weapons were banned, people would use other things to bombs. Not only will people find a way to get guns but those who won't be able to own one, might have a lower chance of surviving. Banning them would just allow for an intruder to go into someone's home and kill them without the victim having at least a chance of protecting themselves.

Who should have the power to decide this matter? Local level (city governments) or county/state governments, or Federal level(Congress)?

Although the Congress is basically the boss of the country when it comes to rules and laws, it is said that people rather for the state to have the power to decide whether or not assault rifles should be banned in their state. Although, people believe that before deciding, the state should allow the citizens to vote and from there they decide. Not only should they allow a vote but they should also decide depending on the amount of deaths based on shootings. If the death rate because of shootings are high then the state should be smart enough to ban them. Overall the decision should not come from the federal government because then it would really feel like they are taking a bit of our freedom away.

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