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Risk or Never Know

My last article was about “Will vs Want” and their real meanings. Today, it's about risk. Our generation today is focused on seeing successful people on platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook, and sitting around telling themselves “OMG I want to be like them.” They also tell themselves “I will have that”, but they do nothing about it.

Most people don’t do anything for their desires because they aren't willing to take the risk to do whatever it is to make them succeed. The past two generations tend to sit around dreaming up their dreams and believe they are just going to fall out the sky. Action is needed for these types of things; doing something about it, seeking help, taking risks, and wanting it more than anyone will get them towards their goal and dream life.

When you're willing to take risks in life for the better, you’ll find out if you made it or not. Most millionaires and billionaires (aka the 1%) took risk! If you never take risks you’ll never know if you made it or not. You don’t want to retire one day and tell yourself, “Man, I should've done this” or “Man I should’ve taken that risk.” This is also known as being regretful. So if you really want the best for yourself take the risk if it’s a smart risk and it will benefit you in life. With that being said, always be the hardest worker in the room!

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