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Retail Workers Mad Their Hours are Getting Cut

Ever since the holidays ended, retail stores such as Target and Walmart all over the world have been cutting the amount of hours an employee gets a week. For example, employees go from working 40 hours a week to only about 16 hours or even less. Because of this, employees are enraged and complaining that they want more hours. Many employees working in retail live off their paycheck which means if they don't get paid the amount they usually get, fears start coming their way. They won’t be able to afford rent or even food, especially those who support a family of 3 or more. Not only does this admit fear but as well gives them stress as now they have to pick up a second job to get those hours that were cut back.

Managers and HR explain that the reason hours are being cut is because of payroll. The real question is, how do these big companies make billions of dollars yet can’t afford payroll. The main thing that makes people extremely mad is that even though they aren't giving their employees who have worked for months or even years the hours they should normally give, they are still hiring. How are they going to cut employees hours and blame it on payroll yet hire new people?

I have recently seen this a lot in Target. For example, Target has cut many of their employees' hours yet complain that they don't have enough people working. Not only does it affect the store but it is also affecting the customers. There are many days where there is a “big rush” (when many people come in and buy things at the same time) and there are huge lines at the registers. Customers are complaining left and right and honestly, I do too. I am a patient person so I usually don't mind the wait but when it comes to a “big rush”, especially on a Sunday at 4:00 pm, I start getting mad because not only is there a huge line but there are only TWO registers open. Come on Target, do better. This needs to change and soon, if not now then hopefully next year.

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