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My Dilemma? Margot Help!

Updated: 16 hours ago

Anonymous: My friend has been talking about me in a negative way, but she has been so nice to me to my face, what should I do?

Dear submitter: A friend is someone who helps and supports you, and always keeps it real. They won't talk behind your back, and won’t metaphorically stab you in the back either. They will make sure you're the best version of yourself, even if they do make mistakes sometimes. Such as not knowing how to tell you that something, in their opinion, about you isn't right, because they care about your feelings.

What I would recommend is to talk to them one on one to see what the problem is, trying to resolve things more personally can go a long way in a friendship. Tell them how you feel about the situation, and let them know it’s okay for both of you to be wrong. What matters is that you two can be open and honest, making it possible to positively move forward. The problem may have even started from miscommunication to begin with. Try to communicate the problem with them and see if there is a solution. Remember however that bad people are out in this world, and if you happen to run into one don't be afraid to let go, because they will only use you and manipulate you. I'm not saying your friend is a bad person, but your friend might be surrounded by people who are bad and she is slowly changing for the worse. I hope this response gets you in good health…


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