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MHS Dodgeball Derby

For the past few weeks, Mayfairs campus has been buzzing about the upcoming dodgeball tournament. Teams of ten students signed up in the last few weeks for this lunchtime tournament in hopes of coming out victorious! These games can be enjoyed starting the week of Monday February 13 at lunchtime in the gym by any and all students and staff. This tournament- bringing countless numbers of Mayfair’s staff and students together- hosts a great opportunity for friendship, fun and lifelong memories.

This tradition began around 10 years ago when the Mayfair family was looking for something to do at lunchtime. As the high school ASB searched for something that students and staff alike would enjoy spectating and competing in. Knowing highschoolers and their love for throwing things at each other, they turned to the friendly game dodgeball. The event was a hit and has been repeated every year since without a second thought.

Students are highly encouraged to get involved with the dodgeball tournament. Events such as these games allow a school to become closer as a family. By participating in dodgeball, students can hope to gain comradery with their peers; classmates may become friends and friends may become close, trusted companions. The game of dodgeball is proven to be unpredictable and entertaining. As the ASB adviser Ms. McAndrew shares, “It's truly a game for underdogs”. The deadline for creating teams has been extended, so get involved! Or if you can’t play, go cheer on your classmates- these games will not disappoint. It is these small moments that make a big difference in a person’s life and their core memories with the people they care about.

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