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Mayfair's National Honors Society: Club Spotlight

Mayfair’s National Honor Society (NHS): Club Spotlight

One of the clubs that Mayfair High School offers is the National Honor Society, also known as the NHS, but how is this club important to you? Well, the NHS is a club devoted to helping the students who are a part of it and the community around them by partaking in college field trips and community service. The biggest of these community service activities is Skid Row, where they donate clothes, food, and supplies.

If you are thinking about joining the NHS to change the community or maybe to explore different colleges for the future, there are some requirements to meet. The first and probably the hardest is to have a 3.5 grade point average or higher throughout your time in the club. Also, to be able to join the club, you must write a paragraph about yourself and your accomplishments, kind of like a resume; additionally, there is a club fee of twenty dollars to help with the field trips. The last thing to keep in mind is that to get some of the graduation benefits, you need to be in the club for at least two years, and you must have done ten hours of community service per semester. Five of them are given for doing club community service, like Skid Row.

As stated before, there are benefits to being a part of the NHS, one of which is that you get a scholarship for graduation. Another benefit is that at the end of the year, the club gives any extra money raised in scholarships to the seniors of the club. One of the other benefits is that the National Honors Society is known all across the US, where it is recognized everywhere. When you say you were a member of it on a resume, it shows that not only did you maintain a high GPA, but you also participated in community service. Although I believe the best benefit is helping the community, there are countless reasons why this club could help you and your future.

Photo Courtesy of Mayfair's Journalism

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