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Interview with Jonathan Bond

Jonathan Bond, is a British soccer player who came to the US to play for the one and only LA Galaxy. The 30 year old signed to the Galaxy in January of 2021. Coming to the field showing amazing skills, which would help us for many seasons moving forward. The skills were developed in Watford, where he played before coming to LA. Having played a total of 474 minutes this season alone, you could say we like Bond.

I was able to obtain an interview with him, and as a fan of the LA Galaxy I was very thrilled. Interviewing this fan favorite was definitely one for the books. As a fan of the Galaxy, I wanted to know how often they train, and what level of intensity. Bond had mentioned “usually excluding the warm up, usually 45 minutes to an hour…it's very difficult to train at the intensity we train at for more than a hour, the warm ups are usually pretty intense by themselves.” He had brought up that if you were going to train at the level that they play in a game, “it’s not very feasible”. And with that being said, the Galaxy locker room is filled with so many amazing people on and off the field, Bond had mentioned a few present and past Galaxy players including, Eriq Zavaleta, Dejan Joveljic, Sacha Kljestan, Nick Depuy & Derek Williams. “But at the end of the day, I get along really well with everyone” says Bond after explaining how large LA really is.

Dejan Joveljic was one of the first people he mentioned, they both are chess players and will play in their free time, when asked if he had beat Joveljic yet, “No I havent won, but I did win one game by default, the manager had called him in… and he forgot to cancel the game, so I won one time… but at least on my record online it says I have 1 win” but a win is a win in my book! He said that they played on camera for Apple TV, so maybe a Chess Throw Down between them is soon to come?

The FIFA soccer game world is known by soccer players around the world, and so many MLS players receive special awards both in real life and in the game. Bond has won “Team of Match Day'' and has been in “Team of the Week” which he says he received “a physical card that FIFA sends you”. A big moment if you ask me.

If you're an avid watcher of the galaxy, it's no secret of the drama happening within the club right now, whether it be with the manager or how the team is working together. When asked about it Bond had this to say, “It's obviously a bit concerning how we started but, with the quality we see around the room, the experience and even in some of the way which we play the games, sometimes we play really well in games and then we concede, and our heads just go down and our initial reaction is just not good enough…but it's bout time we did it now… so we just gotta do that by taking it game by game really”.

Mayte and Jonathan via Zoom!

Cover photo courtesy of Jonathan's Instagram

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