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Homecoming Football Game

On October 14, Mayfair’s Homecoming Football Game occurred against Dominguez High School. The game was at Ron Yary Stadium and ended in a brilliant Mayfair victory of 48 to 20. The stands were packed with people, including many alumni. The game started off in a bit of a standstill because neither team scored a touchdown, unlike the action-filled rest of the game. However, the Mayfair Defensive Line still fought hard by pushing and tackling Dominguez’s Offense, not letting them get too close. Mayfair’s #27, Chaz Gilbreath, even intercepted a pass.

During the 2nd quarter Mayfair was able to successfully score 3 impressive touchdowns, along with all 3 extra hard earned points as well. The first one was an 8 yard rush made by #8, Mederick Burnett, as well as the second one, which was a 16 yard rushing touchdown. The last touchdown of the quarter was made by #7, Ryan Heredia, which was a 22 yard rush. The 2 first kicks for the extra points were taken by #31, Mercedes Sibrian, and the last one by #21, Matt Ward.

Because it was Homecoming Night for the Monsoons, the halftime was used to crown the homecoming queen, which Mayfair’s colorguard started off by forming a path to lead the senior court and their families to a stage on the track. The court walked up, took pictures and then the nominees for the hoco queen were assigned to stand there as they were each presented with boxes. Inside one of the boxes was white balloons, with the two others being red, and after a count down they each opened the boxes and the queen was crowned. The Homecoming Queen was none other than Milcah Ysalina and afterwards she was crowned and given a royal cape by Mayfair’s Principal. She then took a victory lap around the track on a golf cart driven by Mr. Guerra. After the court finished celebrating, it was once again game time, with the third quarter starting at 21 points for Mayfair and 6 for Domiguez. For most of the third quarter it was tough, as Domiguez scored their second touchdown. But with 5 minutes left in the quarter, #8, Mederick Burnett, scored his third touchdown of the night which was a beautiful 40 yard rushing touchdown. Then, the extra point was made by #15, Victor Gonzalez, bringing the score to 28 Mayfair and 13 Domiguez. Around a minute after, #21, Matt Ward, intercepted a pass and when Mayfair had the ball again, they completed a 50 yard touchdown pass to #5 Jordan Faatolo. The extra point was wonderful and was made possible by #31, Mercedes Sibrian.

The teams entered their last quarter with a score of 35 points to Mayfair and Domiguez with 13. Just 4 minutes in, #25, Louis Johnson of Mayfair, made a 2 yard rushing touchdown. After a long run, Mayfair made a 20 yard touchdown pass to #3, Xzavier Smith, which lead #31, Mercedes Sibrian, to make the extra point. For the rest of the game, Mayfair didn’t make any more touchdowns, unlike Domiguez, but fortunately they still weren't able to catch up to Mayfair’s lead and the game ended with Mayfair’s victory of 48 to 20.

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