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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Review

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Once and for all, The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. released on Disney + on August 2, 2023. I was immediately determined to watch the movie as soon as it released. (SPOILERS UP AHEAD!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

In all honesty, the movie was great. But as everyone knows, every great movie has its flaws. The movie captivates the life of Rocket, and unfolds the secrets held in his early years of life. The movie starts off with an action scene in which a golden boy comes flying in, seeming as if he is nearly impossible to stop. Rocket comes in the way to try and save the day. As he does this, he ends up in a fatal position, injured and barely clinging onto life. Once the Guardians manage to fight and finish off this golden boy, they try to save Rocket, but realize the only way to save him is to find a code from this place in which they knew Rocket used to be from.

In the midst of all of this, Quill (who tries to save the life of his best friend Rocket) is still dealing with his loss of Gamora. I love how the story captivated more on our favorite intelligent and egoistic raccoon, Rocket. Along the ride of discovering Rocket’s past, you can embark on a rollercoaster of emotions, which at one point made me cry. The way they showed how Rocket developed and evolved with his friends, Lylla, Teefs, and Floor (who were all being experimented on) demonstrating the bond they all grew together amidst their troubling times. As we are discovering all of these things out, Quill and the rest of the Guardians also discover Rocket’s dark past.

One of my favorite bone-chilling scenes in the entire movie is when the line “It’s Rocket, Rocket Raccoon.” is said by the one and only Rocket when in the end, Rocket faces his fear of his past and learns to overcome it; when he came face to face with the person who essentially created and experimented on him.

As the movie advances, Peter Quill (known as Star Lord) begins to play the role and is shown in most scenes becoming an important character to the way the movie plays out. He is still mourning the death of his beloved, Gamora (who at the time was his significant other). The producers of the movie had tricked the audience. In the previous movie, she was shown to be dead, but thanks to a time heist her old self did, she comes back from the dead but she’s different. She’s now with the Ravagers (a group of space pirates).

This was seen as an opportunity for Quill to reunite with his love. Since this is the past Gamora has no memory of Quill he knew it would be a bit difficult to obtain the goal he had set. He tries again and again until he realizes he needs to accept who she is as past Gamora is very different from the Gamora he fell in love with. Knowing he can’t change her for who he fell in love with.

Furthermore, I loved how they displayed the relationship of the Guardians–how they are shown as a huge family. For example, there were little moments with Drax and Mantis where Drax doesn’t share his snacks with Mantis. It reminded me of my relationship with my younger brother. Which can make the audience feel connected with every character shown on screen.

In this movie, new members of the Guardians of Galaxy such as Adam Warlock, Phyla, Cosmo and Blurp are shown. I just love the scene where they are casually talking about their favorite bands and music as the villagers are running away from the violence.

The soundtrack for this movie is amazing. Songs such as “Reasons” by Earth, Wind, and Fire or Crazy on You by Heart were so well played, that I grew to love them. They managed to fit music with certain scenes that just seemed to fit.

On the other hand, not everything was perfect. Things I felt needed to be worked on such as action; there wasn’t much action throughout the movie. There’s about three to four scenes that were action packed. I didn’t really like Ravager Gamora either. She is the complete opposite to the Gamora that we originally met. She was more violent and rude towards everyone including her sister, Nebula. One thing the Guardians were known for are their jokes; at this point in time, the jokes were okay. They did make me chuckle every once in a while, but there were times where I felt somewhat depressed throughout, including after the movie.

I didn’t have the same feeling that I got from the other last movies. Overall, I would rate this movie an 8 out of 10. I would 100% recommend this movie to die-hard fans of Rocket such as myself or to someone who is open-minded on trying a new series. This movie is worth watching.

Image Courtesy of Marvel.

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