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Gold Cup Final

Following the results of the gold cup semi-final, the United States headed to the gold cup final against Brazil. The final took place at Snapdragon stadium in San Diego, California on Sunday March 10th. It was a packed out house with over 30,000 fans in attendance! 

Both teams have shown amazing skills this tournament, since following the world cup, neither of the teams made it far. This was a chance to prove what an amazing team both Brazil and the United States are. 

This game was dirty, to say the least. Brazil should have been getting many fouls, however the referee was being biased and calling the United States for the fouls. Many of the fans were in shock of the way these calls were going, as well as the United States players. 

The USWNT put on an incredible performance in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final! They showed their skill, teamwork, and determination throughout the game. The players showcased their talent and scored some amazing goals. 

Lindsey Horan was phenomenal in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final. Her versatility and technical skills were on full display. She made some incredible passes, created scoring opportunities, and showed great control of the game. Lindsey Horan definitely had a standout performance and scored the only goal in the final to make her team be the first winners of the CONCACAF Gold cup. 

The United States took home yet another trophy as the winners of the Gold cup and won their 15th CONCACAF title. Following their win, Jaedyn Shaw got MVP and Alyssa Naeher got the golden glove award! Collectively as a hole, the United States National team won Fair play. 

Congratulations to the first ever CONCACAF Gold Cup winners!

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