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Girls Wrestling are League Champions!

Updated: Jan 31

Compared to previous years when the Mayfair girls wrestling team struggled to fill its lineup, this year saw a significant increase in the number of wrestlers, nearly completing the team category. On January 22, in a match against Warren High School, the girls wrestling team secured the league championship for the first time in Mayfair history, a testament to the team's growth and dedication. These girls have invested substantial effort, often practicing for more than three hours after school, and their hard work has finally paid off.

The team also achieved an undefeated status in the league. Reflecting on her first year with the team, sophomore Masuimi Everitt expressed her excitement, stating, "I felt very excited because it's my first year on the team, and I feel like I've accomplished something bigger than that." In dual meets, she won every match, contributing to the team's overall success. The team's victory at the San Dimas Invitational was another historic moment, marking Mayfair's first-ever team victory at the event.

The team's triumph against Downey High School elevated them to Division 1 status in CIF, a significant achievement for the Mayfair Wrestling Team. Despite the team being comprised of half seniors and half first-year wrestlers, their unwavering commitment and hard work led them to clinch the league championship. In addition to their league victory, the team secured a spot in CIF.

However, an administrative error means that the team will not be able to proceed to CIF as a team. Nonetheless, the girls' dedication and accomplishments will not be overlooked, and they remain determined to excel. They still have the opportunity to compete individually in the league, with the potential to qualify for CIF as individuals. Throughout the season, the girls surpassed expectations, facing tough competition from more experienced wrestlers and emerging victorious.

Overall, the Mayfair girls wrestling team's performance this season has been exceptional, demonstrating their resilience and ability to succeed against formidable opponents.

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