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Frank Ocean at Coachella: What Happened?

Frank Ocean’s Coachella performance made everyone question themselves; “Did we really pay this much and wait this long to see this performance?” All the fans who attended to see Ocean’s performance were all looking forward to a great performance from the artist. He took a 6 year hiatus from performing in front of everyone, but now that he was announced to perform at Coachella, everyone was thrilled to see the artist’s performance. This was his first time performing in front of a huge crowd at a huge stage after 6 years. However, it disappointed many of his fans. He didn’t arrive on stage until an hour and a half later. Before performing, Ocean sprained his ankle and doctors recommended that he get enough rest and try not to do anything too straining on his legs.

Frank decided to cancel the dancers that were expected to perform with him. His cancellations were all last minute, and everyone who waited for him to perform was extremely disappointed waiting an 1 hour and 30 minutes for him to arrive on stage. Even more were extremely disappointed because he didn’t really sing throughout the performance. He basically lip synced his songs during his performance. Fans all called it an “expensive listening party”. His late arrival caused him to perform past curfew causing Coachella to pay a big fine.

Frank Ocean was also expected to perform the second week for Coachella, but he has been pulled out due to his leg injury. Blink-182 will be replacing Frank for the second week of Coachella. Still today, many fans are disappointed that he can not perform for Coachella. Many people were looking forward to Frank performing because as stated before, he hasn’t performed in such a long time. As much as I love the artist, I would be disappointed too if I bought a ticket just for him to lip sync through most of his performance. I hope Frank has a fast recovery for his leg so that he can perform again.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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