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Dear Margot- Stage Fright

Dear Margot,

How do I get over stage fright?! I’ve been a performer for many years and I still end up overthinking my moves, which results in me getting them wrong in front of everyone. Because of it, my confidence has gone down, so I haven’t even attempted trying out for solos.

Dear Anonymous,

Stage fright is something that is perfectly normal, even when you have been a performer for many years. Before any auditions you should prep yourself several days before and gain a baseline of confidence. It is really important to have moments of positive self-talk in order to release those thoughts of self doubt. Just remember you are already braver than the rest for putting yourself out there, not many people can do that. I have plenty of admiration for you to even be willing to persevere under pressure. Let’s just say you happen to get a move wrong in front of the audience, there are many ways to overcome this.

Things can go wrong all the time, which is why you should always have a plan for a quick recovery. I’m assuming you perform with others as well so if you feel nervous to the point where you forget choreography then look towards your peers. I would say definitely try to audition for a solo because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you don’t get past your fear, you will never know what life has in store for you. Show everyone what you are capable of and get that solo! The skills you have accumulated will finally be shown if you are comfortable enough. So, the next time you have an audition be sure to take the risk. Do not let self-doubt cloud your ability to shine!

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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