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Dear Margot - I Miss my Friend

Dear Margot

“I have a friend that I’ve been avoiding lately because of a misunderstanding. I want to talk again but I think I messed it up. What do I do?”

Dear, Monsoon

I am writing to you because of the problem that is occurring in your life at this moment. You and your friend are not speaking because of a misunderstanding on both ends. If you truly believe that you didn’t do anything wrong, but your friend thinks otherwise, it is best to communicate what you are both feeling to clear the air.

It is completely understandable if you are feeling anxious/nervous in a situation like this if you two are avoiding each other. However, it is best to communicate and mend the friendship, especially to avoid tension between you and your dear friend. Don’t wait any longer, talk to your friend and make this situation better.

Remember to be patient and understanding of your friends' side of the story, treat them how you want to be treated. Communication is key and being honest and sincere can help rekindle this friendship. If you truly enjoy the friendship, fighting for it is worth it.

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