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Dear Margot - Cheaters

Dear Margot,

My boyfriend cheated on me with my cousin and neither of them know that I know. I have a family dinner this weekend, should I invite him and confront them?


Heartbroken Reader

Dear Heartbroken Reader,

Revenge is never the answer! There’s an old saying that “you can’t fight fire with fire” and that is extremely true in this case. By inviting them to dinner and embarrassing them in front of your entire family, you might have a few seconds of joy but you will soon be overcome by weeks of drama and unwanted hatred from your loved ones. Don’t invite them to dinner, instead talk to your boyfriend and let him know that you know. Find out if it is true and if it is, break up with him! You deserve better than to be mistreated by someone that you should be able to have full trust in. After that, talk to your cousin and let them know how they hurt your feelings. Let your parents know and with them establish new boundaries so that you can rebuild the trust within your family. Most of all, though, find a family member or friend that you can confide your feelings in. Make sure that you can trust this person and can rely on them to support you in your emotional rebuilding. But, most of all, take care of yourself and remember your worth! There are more fish in the sea and you will find someone who values you and your emotional wellbeing.

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